Joshua Noah Dopp


Joshua Noah Dopp

Joshua Noah Dopp has been working in glass since 1988. He received an AA degree in Art from Santa Barbara City College, in 1990. His BA degree was in Art History from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1993. After taking 6 years off to work for various artists, museums, and galleries, Joshua returned in 1998 to school as a graduate student in Sculpture/Glass at the University of Illinois.

Joshua’s new glasswork is a perfectionist in nature, but its appearance is intended to calm and arrest the viewers from their day-to-day activities. With his new forms, he has labored over the glass carving, grinding and polishing the material in a manner that some would call excessive. However, the act allows him time for condensed concentration, much like meditation. Each piece holds many hours of energy and intention. The resulting depth of beauty is an effect of deliberate considerations that emphasize tension: the tension between light and dark, smooth and sharp, open and closed, heavy and light. These are complex, yet simple abstract pieces which images can never do true justice.

Critic Residency Essay by Robin Rice

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