Joshua DeWall


Joshua DeWall

Josh DeWall flameworking

Joshua DeWall has been working with glass for six years. He started lampworking when he was 18 years old and worked with the torch throughout his senior year of high school. Upon graduation, he decided to make working with glass a lifelong commitment. He enrolled at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, under instructor Che Rhodes. It was there that he learned how to blow glass offhand. Being a part of the energy and teamwork of the hotshop inspired him even more.

When Che left for Kentucky, Jiyong Lee became his professor. Che and Lee had their own unque strenghs, skills, styles and ideas that helped Joshua grow as a glassblower. He credits both instructors in having an impact on his work and help make him a better glass artist.

His interests are now in formal glass work rather than in surface decoration. His goal is to further his skills and ideas in glassblowing while continuing to explore and push the limits of the medium.

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