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  • Jes Fan

    Jes Fan

  • Testo-Candle, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Testo-Candle, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Medium: Depo-Testosterone, wax, candle wick, silicone Description: Sex hormones, something that is seen as the material substrate of masculinity, is again playfully turned into a product. In this series, I wanted to allegorize gender as a craft, a combination of repetitive labour, process and technique.
  • Soft Goods I, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Soft Goods I, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Dimensions: 22x28 Medium: Digital Inkjet Print Description: I casted a slipper in prosthetic silicone, in a default flesh-tone pigment, the shade of pink that is synonymous with all skin. Slipping on, slipping out, fitting in, fitting not, once removed from limbs, collapses back to its original shape.

Jes Fan

Headshot of Jes Fan, 2015 Fellow.

Jes Fan is a Brooklyn based artist from Hong Kong, China. Fan’s practice is based on a material inquiry into otherness as it relates to identity politics. They received a BFA in Glass from Rhode Island School of Design. Fan is the recipient of various fellowships and residencies, such as Pioneer Works Artist Residency, Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship at Museum of Arts and Design, CCGA Fellowship at Wheaton Arts, and John A. Chironna Memorial Award at RISD. Fan has exhibited in the United States and internationally. Selected solo exhibitions include No Clearance in Niche at Museum of Arts and Design (New York), Ot(her) at Brown University (Providence). Selected group exhibitions include Whereabouts at Glazenhuis Museum (Belgium), Material Location at Agnes Varis Gallery (New York), and Remembering Something without a Name, performance at Chrysler Museum of Art (Virginia).