Jennifer Crescuillo


Jennifer Crescuillo

Jennifer Crescuillo


Jennifer Crescuillo is an internationally exhibited artist currently living and working in Silver Point, TN. She was first exposed to glass at Bowling Green State University where she completed her B.F.A. in glass. Jennifer continued her research at Southern Illinois University where she earned her M.F.A. in glass in 2010. She has worked at various glass studios, such as Pilchuck Glass School, The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center and others. Together with her partner, Andrew Najarian, Jennifer has recently opened High Polish Studio specializing in custom and contract cold working services.

During her residency, Jennifer plans to continue experimentation regarding the quick transition that technological devices so important to our daily lives continue to make, from “as defined” new and cutting edge, to old and obsolete. She has most recently investigated this body of work by breaking or disassembling the objects, burying them in the ground, partially uncovering them and making a mold of the exposed prototype and the surrounding dirt to make a wax for casting.

“This process is an effort to directly reference archeology and archeological artifacts – to also then relate those artifacts to other objects from our collective history. I envision also, further exploration of the original obsolete objects by using them to make impressions for sand casting, and other hot casting methods by employing a similar conceptual approach- broken and disassembled items of obsolete technology and the surrounding sandy area to give the items the appearance of having just been unearthed.”

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