It’s National Volunteer Week.

It’s National Volunteer Week. We know that we couldn’t do what we do without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. One of our volunteers recently shared why she believes in the WheatonArts community and chooses to spend her time with us:

“I volunteer at WheatonArts because it’s important. The arts are just as necessary as all of the other things we need. We need food and water. We need air. We need sleep. And we need creativity and the arts, just like those other things. Life without objects that make us think or life without being able to create something – what a terrible thought. I like being part of a community that makes a difference and adds to the lives of all who visit. And everyone is just so happy when they’re at Wheaton. It’s a unique place that makes everyone smile as they walk around. I’m really proud to volunteer here.”

We’d like to thank our volunteers, past and current, for the countless hours that have been donated to ensure that the thousands that have visited WheatonArts have access to a true exploration of creativity.

Thank you for your time and commitment. Remember, this is your Wheaton.