Hyun Jun Im


Hyun Jun Im

Hyun Jun Im was born, raised and currently lives in Seoul, South Korea. Im received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 1999 and is currently working towards a Master of Fine Art degree at Namseoul University.

Prior to entering the Master program at Namseoul, Im worked as a sculptor for one of his current professors, which expanded his abilities to work with a variety of materials and visual expressions. In his current work, Im uses glass fiber and glass yarn. He hopes to show the truth behind daily used, seemingly mundane objects. Examples of these objects include cushions, telephones, pillows, plates and pipes. He magnifies these objects with the intent to reveal the hidden truth of their function.

Im has shown in many gallery exhibitions including AP Gallery, Lee & Park Gallery, Biim Gallery, and the Haeundae Culutral Center in Busan.

Critic Residency Essay by Robin Rice

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