Hesheng Chen

  • An Accident

    An Accident

    Glass. Via a traffic accident occurred on a road crossing, the art portrays four damaged vehicles broke down at the picturesque, snowy scenery, suggesting the incompatible conflict between reality and imagination, rule-breaking and order. 59" 74" 74" inches. 2010

  • Dromotopia (collaboration with Tivon Rice)

    Dromotopia (collaboration with Tivon Rice)

    Cast glass, video projection and sound. 250 driving scenes from movies are projected upon the windshields of 5 glass cars. Organized by duration, these clips are constantly mixed and reassembled to emulate the diverse tempos in scenes from Tati’s Traffic, Godard’s Breathless, and Tarkovsky’s Solaris. 48" 8" 12" inches. 2013

  • A yellow line

    A yellow line

    Scrap auto parts. Description: Both flat road and clear dividing line failed to prevent tragic accidents. Whether the passers could introspect the chain reaction of order disregard when they saw this artificial arrangement at the accident site. 24" 237" 24 inches. 2011

Hesheng Chen

Hesheng Chen Dalian Headshot

Hesheng Chen is a sculptor born in 1986 in China and currently lives in Seattle. His works consist of sculptures, installations, drawings and paintings. It is his quest for the most effective way of presenting the concrete contents of each work that determines the medium that the artist ultimately selects.

Personally witnessing the horrible car accidents contrast strongly with his enthusiastic appreciation of the automobile led him to establish a vocabulary by which he can speak to human emotion and behavior through the imagery of transportation. He does not think of the car as a cold industrial manufactured product but rather as an extension of human, a kind of mechanical embodiment of people’s thoughts and feelings. He is committed to create scenes which seemingly can be identified but are fictional and leading the audiences to rethink the meanings of this speed tool and life.