Heart Suncatcher

Heart Suncatcher

Reds, pinks, and whites illuminate in this love-themed craft. Inspired by glass suncatchers, this craft uses simple materials such as cardboard, felt, contact paper, and tissue paper. Adorn your window with glowing hearts to celebrate the season of love.


  • Cardboard
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Contact Paper 
  • Tissue Paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors

Step 1: Create a template for a heart-shaped frame. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of the heart with the lines ending on the fold. Cut along the drawn line with the paper’s fold at the center of your heart. 

Step 2: Trace the heart template onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out the cardboard heart. 

Step 3: Draw a center ‘window’ in the heart. Cut out the center of the heart. You may need to use a utility knife if the cardboard is thick. 

Step 4: Cut a piece of contact paper that is slightly larger than the heart template. Peel off the paper backing to expose the sticky side. Place the contact paper sticky side facing up on the table’s surface. 

Step 5: Place the cardboard heart frame on top of the sticky contact paper.

Step 6: Cut small pieces of tissue paper and place them inside the frame onto the contact paper. 

Step 7: Add messages to the heart suncatcher. Cut small strips of paper and write messages on the strips. Place them within the heart frame. 

Step 8: Fill the remaining empty space with tissue paper. 

Step 9: Trim the excess contact paper from the edges. 

Step 10: Measure and cut another piece of contact paper for the other side of the heart. Repeat the process to adhere it to the back. Trim the excess. 

Step 11: Measure a piece of felt against the heart suncatcher. Cut out the heart shape.

Step 12: Using the window heart from step 3, trace the smaller heart shape inside the larger felt heart.

Step 13: Cut out the center heart from the felt. You are left with a heart shaped, felt frame. Repeat the steps to create a second felt frame. 

Step 14: Use hot glue to adhere the felt frame to the cardboard frame.

Step 15: Trim felt into fun shapes to create a decorative border. Hot glue these to the felt frame. 

Step 16: Glue a string onto the heart if you want to hang the heart in a window. 

Variations on heart suncatchers:

  • These suncatchers make a perfectly unique Valentine’s card. Adhere a lollipop to the suncatcher, and you have a candy gram that doubles as seasonal window decor! 
  • Create a string of heart suncatchers to make a garland window display. 
  • Is cardboard too difficult to cut? Use colored construction paper for the frame instead! 

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. On February 14, we exchange small tokens of our affection with those we love. One of the most popular tokens amongst children is a Valentine’s card and a piece of candy. Historians suggest that valentines come from the German tradition of friendship cards. Freundschaftskarten, as they are called, were traded during New Year’s Day, birthdays, and other anniversaries. This tradition had a long history itself, dating back to ancient Egypt and China, where friends exchanged gifts for the new year. Sometime in the 18th century, Europeans and Americans began exchanging friendship cards on Valentine’s Day. To learn more, read this article on britannica.com

2. Have a fun Valentine’s Day-themed session of ‘would you rather’! 

a. Receive all the candy you could eat or one large bowl of ice cream?
b. Host a Valentine’s Day party or be a guest?
c. Eat only red food or only white food?
d. Receive 100 roses or 100 pieces of chocolate? 
e. Give up chocolate for six months or give up french fries for six months?