Erica Rosenfield

  • “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part III)

    “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part III)

    Glass, neon, lemons and mixed media. Blown, mirrored, gold-leafed and carved glass and “carbonized” lemons. 10’ X 12’ X 6’, 2016.

  • “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part II)

    “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part II)

    Eggshells, rubber, glass, neon and mixed media. Blown and found glass with pinned eggshells. 10’ X 12’ X 6’, 2012-2015.

  • Lemon Pile Light

    Lemon Pile Light

Erica Rosenfield

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 Erica Rosenfeld lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  She uses glass, beads, food and found objects to create sculptures, installations and performances. She also has a line of jewelry and functional glass. Through all of these disciplines she seeks to make work that expresses time, conveys history, and serves as a means to preserve perceived memory. She also strives to change people’s ideas about the function of material.  Erica is a founding member of The Burnt Asphalt Family, an artists’ collective with the mission to create unique, performance-based “installations” that reinvent objects and redefine the relationships of audience and performer, observer and participant. “Each installation activates its space at the crossroads between art, craft, and design, through innovative techniques like hot-glass cooking demonstrations, shared meals and edible sculptures.