Egg Carton Bouquet

Egg Carton Bouquet

Do you have more cardboard egg cartons than eggs? Try upcycling them into a flower bouquet inspired by summer gardens using paint and pipe cleaners to create beautiful blooms!


  • Cardboard Egg Carton 
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Spray Paint
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Chenille Sticks (pipe cleaners) or Plastic Straws
  • Glass Gems
  • Hot Glue

Step 1:  View photos of flowers or examine flowers in the garden to study how their petals are constructed.

Step 2: Cut apart the cells of a cardboard egg carton. Trim away excess tips to create a smooth-rimmed cup. 

Step 3: Continue to trim the rims of the cups to create petals. Consider cutting each rim into a different shape to create a variety of flowers. 

Step 4: If needed, gently pull the petals apart to create a flower. Or, push the petals together and secure them with glue to create a tightly-petaled flower. This method makes the center of the flower. 

Step 5: If you are creating a tightly-petaled flower, continue to add layers of trimmed cardboard cups to the first set of petals. Build your flower from the center outwards. Flowers structured in this way include roses and peonies. 

Step 6: When the form of the flower is complete, use acrylic paints to add color to the petals.

Step 7: Allow the flowers to dry completely. 

Step 8: Choose glass gems and glue them to the inner center of the flowers.

Step 9: Choose a stem–a thin dowel stick, chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), or plastic straw. Glue the stem to the underside of the flower. 

Step 10: Gather all the stems together to form a bouquet. Secure with ribbon or twine. 

Take Your Egg Carton Bouquet to the Next Level:

  • What other sculptures can you make with egg cartons? Use similar floral elements to create a different sculpture. 
  • Instead of creating a bouquet with egg carton flowers, assemble them into a wreath. 

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. What are the parts of a flower, and what role do they play? Watch this children’s YouTube video to learn more about flowers. 

2. Botanical illustration is the art of depicting a plant’s form, color, and details. To learn more about the history of this scientific art form, read this article on

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