Eamon DeFabbia-Kane

  • Paint Formation #1

    Paint Formation #1

    Latex Paint Paint, cast into molds made from corner blocks, assembled to create a new form. 12”x17”x5” 2015

  • Window


    Wood, String, Nails 36”x36”x5” 2013

  • State of Being (installation detail)

    State of Being (installation detail)

    Plaster, Wood Cast, dyed and reshaped plaster hung on wooden framework. 4’x8’x6” 2014

Eamon DeFabbia-Kane

Eamon DeFabbia-Kane Headshot

Eamon DeFabbia-Kane is an artist and fabricator currently living in working in
Brooklyn, NY. Here, he works in several different artist and design studios. His current
jobs primarily include welding, coldworking, and doing carpentry/studio maintenance,
along with maintaining his own studio practice of making sculpture and other artwork.
Eamon is originally from the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and lived in
Philadelphia for four years while completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in glass from
Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. While living in Philadelphia and in Brooklyn,
he has gained much experience working as an artist assistant and fabricator, which has
been essential in developing a very diverse skill set working with a wide variety of
materials and techniques.