Dorrie Papademetriou

Dorrie Papademetriou

Dorrie Papademetriou
MudGirls Studio
Linwood, NJ

As a designer, I study and articulate an approach to ceramics that integrates form and surface design. My aesthetic uses organic motifs and geometric patterns that are situated compositionally to accentuate and enhance the form. Color is limited for bold graphic surface design. With emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, I create simple forms and employ the aesthetic imperatives of hand craftsmanship; respect for materials, simplicity of design, and restraint.

Designs are purposely created with the mission of a collaborative studio, where studio artisans can work together to produce beautiful work for individuals to bring into their homes and enjoy.

My vision as an artist is to revive the ideas of the Arts and Crafts movement and its mission to create work of fine craftsmanship and beautiful decorative design. In keeping with the tradition of Paul Revere Pottery and Newcomb Pottery, my goal is to establish an environment where disadvantaged women are inspired by crafting carefully designed ceramic wares in a modern context.