Dominique Jean Bebak

Dominique Jean Bebak

Nature Bone Studio
Swedesboro, NJ

Nature Bone Studio is the creation of Jean Dominique, a South Jersey-based artist and amateur naturalist. Drawing inspiration from the magic of nature in both its growth and decay, she crafts unique glassworks using borosilicate glass flameworking, cold-working, and copper electroforming techniques.

Since childhood, Jean has felt a strong connection to the earth. This deep feeling of connection to nature and a constant drive to create has manifested a therapeutic, grounding presence that has fostered a sense of peace and purpose in her life. She has always desired to express and share these feelings with others through art. Jean studied multiple artistic mediums- dabbling in painting, photography, taxidermy, and digital arts, among other mediums, until she discovered her lasting fascination with glass.

Jean graduated from Salem Community College with an Associates Degree in Glass Art in 2014 and now creates work from her home studio in Swedesboro, NJ. When she is not busy managing and creating for her Nature Bone Studio brand, Jean can often be found tending to her large collection of houseplants or studying the many curiosities of nature, from flowers and trees to bones and fungi.