Designs by Adrienne

Designs by Adrienne

Designs by Adrienne
North Wales, PA

I began working in metals 23 years ago and it has been my primary medium since that time. My work in jewelry allows me to bring my long-term interest in organic forms to a three-dimensional level. I work primarily in fine and sterling silver, using a variety of stones, most often in their original form. All of my work is handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I create my work beginning with sheets of silver and work the metal into the finished piece.

When creating my work, I am “of two minds,” so to say. I like the precision involved in the sketching, planning, and design process. Still, at the same time, my previous background as a painter encourages spontaneity and playfulness. My designs are able to evolve intuitively, and design elements sometimes emerge during the creative process as the metal is shaped and arranged in “compositions.” The process of layering colors, shapes, designs, and textures informs my choices in jewelry creation much as it does my painting.

My jewelry is inspired by my experience of the world around me – both nature and the cultures I encounter through my travels. Organic shapes, textures, patterns, and surfaces in nature have been the root of my work. River rocks have been of primary interest, and the irregular contours of their forms and their surfaces oftentimes inspire my designs. Sometimes the natural arrangements found in their environment inspire patterns and the compositions of my pieces.

I also like to combine contrasting surfaces and textures, using a patina to highlight these contrasts. Some pieces lend themselves to a matte finish with moderate patina and steel wool for a natural weathered look, while others call for a high polish and a strong dark patina for contrast. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind, contemporary designs that are clean and bold with strong contrasts. My pieces are not meant to be delicate; they are intended to make a dramatic statement.