Deborah DiMarco

Deborah DiMarco

Studio del Vetro 
Salem, NJ

“I have been a Wheaton arts volunteer since 2005, working in both the hot shop and the flame working areas.

I draw my inspiration from nature, a starry night, the sun, the surf, the sand, the sea. The process of glass is amazing; cold, then hot, then cold again. The transmutation, the alchemy, the chemistry, the mystery. It’s mutable, it’s changeable and often times does so without being told.

I strive for harmony and simplicity in design, using color as therapy. The theme of this collection is the sky and the sea, created to relieve stress and promote peaceful contemplation.”

Deb DiMarco has been living and working in Salem, NJ since moving here from Medford, NJ in 2003 to study glass. She studied at Salem Community College and became involved with the local art community. She serves as a board member of Gallery 50 in Bridgeton and has been a volunteer at WheatonArts since 2005. Deb is represented in Millville by Maryanne Cannon’s la Botegga of Art, WheatonArts, and the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts.