Debbie Noiseux

Debbie Noiseux

Closeup of purple gemstone jewelry with curved silver connected by smooth and ridged silver links. Created by Debbie Noiseux.

I started making jewelry when I was 15. I took a silversmithing class, came home after the first class and told my parents that I wanted to be a jewelry artist….. they of course they suggested I become a dentist! But I’ve been making jewelry ever since.

I started my business in 1984. Over the years I’ve always hand fabricated my work using many traditional jewelry making techniques. My pieces were all designed including a variety of semi precious stones. I work in gold or silver though every so often a piece will have both.

My business supports my family. I have 3 daughters. At first I would go to juried shows in the Northeast. Then for a number of years I sold mostly to galleries. These days I’m back to doing shows and enjoying traveling all over to do them.