David Graeber

David Graeber

My stories in glass have evolved over time. However, one fact, my love of nature, remains constant. Many of my creations celebrate the memory of a loved one or the joy of a special event. All capture nature’s elegance and remarkable diversity.

A life-long “Jerseyman,” I’ve honed my craft under the watchful eye of teachers, mentors, and friends including:

  • The late George Vail who introduced me to the world of architectural reconstruction and forensic sculpture; 
  • William “Bill” Marlin, Ed.D., a dedicated teacher, and established painter; 
  • Paul Stankard, the internationally acclaimed glass artist who encouraged me to strike out on my own in 2009; 
  • The late Ed Poore was a renowned master cutter whose skill has enhanced several of my paperweights. 

I was always drawn to different forms of art from an early age, whether it was drawing cartoons or creating things out of wood. I was encouraged to attend a technical school while attending high school to study commercial art. From 1986-1989, I was fortunate to be offered an apprenticeship with local artist/professor George Vail, who not only continued to refine my skills artistically but encouraged high personal standards and professionalism. In 1989, I was introduced to master glass artist Paul Stankard and his unmatched skill of lampworking. While I continue to assist Paul, I have become an independent glass artist, creating my own vision in glass. I strive to recreate nature in glass as realistically as possible, knowing that new techniques and designs are waiting to be discovered, keep me driven and motivate me to continue the South Jersey glass tradition into the twenty-first century.

David is a featured artist on Craft in America, which is a website dedicated to the exploration, preservation, and celebration of craft and its impact on our nation’s cultural heritage.