Cindy Slotnick

Cindy Slotnick

Perfect Duo
Somerset, NJ

My husband and I create unique, one of a kind necklaces and bracelets. We weave a tubular chain using the ancient technique called Viking Knit or trichinopoly that dates back to at least the 9th century in the Scandinavian countries. It was used for chains for decoration, bracelets, edging for clothing as well as trim.

The wires we use are fine silver over copper. It has a heat-treated coating to obtain non-tarnishing and hypoallergenic results. The other wire we use is pure copper that is oxidized to achieve an antique look and shows a beautiful dimension in the weaves. My pieces are lightweight for comfort and easy care.

Customers love to watch as we demonstrate the weaving process as we explain the history of the technique.

I wire wrap around semi-precious stones and natural minerals that adorn our Viking Knit chains. Receiving my Masters in painting, I love how the stone colors interact with my choices of different metals and accent beads.

As a musician as well as an artist, music is part of my process. The repetitive flow of the wire weaving gives me comfort, somewhat like a beautiful melody. While creating my pendants I see the rhythmic relationships, the conflicts, and then final orchestration of completing my pieces. The finished pieces may be unique and beautiful, but the process in creating my art is the most rewarding.