Chocolate Moonshine Co.

Chocolate Moonshine Co.

Chocolate Moonshine Co.
New Castle, PA

Like all good stories, our story starts with humble beginnings…

Madly cooking fudge out of the basement of our home till late in the night, and the pure aroma of chocolate liquor got the neighbors talking is where the Chocolate Moonshine name was born. We spare no expense in our ingredients. We use the finest fresh cream from right here in Pennsylvania. We go to Belgium for our chocolate, and to Madagascar for our vanilla. And, of course, we use only pure cane sugar as a sweetener. We make all our fudge in small batches cooked over an open flame in copper kettles with ingredients that are stirred by hand with Maple wood paddles, and our staff of artisan fudge makers oversees every single batch.

All our fudge recipes are built on the one that our Founder, Christopher Warman, Sr. perfected in 1989, where a panel of judges from the Hershey, Mars, and Godiva chocolatiers declared it the best fudge available.

“Let the Ideas Cook until they just get Better Over Time.”

Where we are today…

Today we combine that fudge with the finest Belgian chocolate to make our famous Moonshine Bars. We have over thirty different flavors of moonshine bars that taste a truffle and the look of something you have never seen before. You just aren’t going to find a better chocolatey treat anywhere.

We feel like we aren’t just another company making something sweet. We feel like we’re different, and we feel like it shows in the quality of our end products. Critics have ranked our fudge and moonshine bars with the best pastries in the world.

We would be a colorful and memorable experience for your events!