Joshua Solomon

I live and work in Norfolk, VA. I'm married to a wonderful woman and together we care for one old [...]

Barbara Lovelace

I am a New Jersey gourd artist who enjoys making nature inspired pieces, especially those that sparkle. I have been [...]

Balic Winery

Balic Winery Mays Landing, NJ Website Balić Winery makes more than 27 award-winning fine handcrafted wines with the European accent. [...]

Mariah Livrone

My husband Billand myself are primarily self-taught artists. We are both members of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, myself being [...]

Diane Kaylor

I am a graduate of Parsons School of Design with a degree in illustration. I started my company, D.K.Designs in [...]

Ahmi Goldfarb

Ahmi Goldfarb, batik and acrylic artist, has been working to create visually stunning artwork for over 40 years. The artist [...]

Larry Agnello

Assemblique: Intricately Assembling Broken or Discarded Antique and Vintage Objects to Produce Unique and Decorative Works of Art Through Up-cycling.

Susan Boyce

Beads on Cypress Mays Landing, NJ Traveling extensively, I found that I have been drawn to glass arts in many [...]

Gina Romano

The present series of work is an exploration of the tube form. Using 14K gold and sterling silver, the designs [...]

Angel Mauricio Riano Diaz

Selah Jewelry Design Philadelphia, PA Website Selah Jewelry Design is a husband and wife team. Our jewelry is a fusion [...]

Marjorie Rawson

I let the bones of the earth guide me along the path that I have unearthed to create Art that [...]