Captured Drawings

Captured Drawings

Capture unique hand-drawn designs under glass! Use glass cabochons over your drawing with pendant trays to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.


  • Heavyweight Paper
  • Fine Tip Markers
  • Glass Cabochon 
  • Pendant Trays
  • Scissors
  • Diamond Glaze

Step 1: Trace a glass cabochon onto a piece of heavyweight paper. Trace the cabochon as many times as needed to match the number of trays and cabochons. 

Step 2: Use fine tip markers to draw designs within the traced lines. 

Step 3: Cut out the designs. Check to make sure the cut paper fits snuggly in the pendant tray. If it is too tight, trim the edges. 

Step 4: Place a drop of diamond glaze on top of the drawn design. Immediately lay the glass cabochon on top. Adjust them if the glass floats off of the paper. 

Step 5: Place a drop of diamond glaze into the pendant tray. Immediately place the paper-glass object into the tray. Gently press to set. 

Step 6: Use a damp paper towel to wipe away any diamond glaze that overflowed. 

Step 7: Cut and tie a necklace cord or attach a necklace chain. 

Ideas to take the captured drawings to the next level:

  • Purchase a larger glass dome and use the same process to create a paperweight.
  • Add a magnet to the back instead of placing the cabochon in a pendant tray. 

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. There are various ways to capture images in glass. Glass sulphides, dating back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These captured images were usually busts of individuals. Click this link to learn more about glass sulphides, referred to as cameo incrustations. 

2. Consider the shape of the glass cabochon while brainstorming for the design. Does the curved shape remind you of anything that could influence the design? 

Thank you to our sponsor, PNC Arts Alive!, for helping to make this video possible!

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