Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall

Wilmington, DE


Born and raised in Delaware, Brian is a middle school teacher by day and a mad scientist by night as he cobbles together found object robots like a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein of junk. Inspired by garage sale excursions with Mom and tinkering in the garage with Dad as a youth, his earliest work began with clocks, lamps, and furniture. However, flipping over a teapot one day and imagining the spout as a nose and the lid as mouth began his obsession with creating his robot sculptures.

Brian has enjoyed experimenting with found objects for the last 15+ years. His work has been exhibited, collected, and featured in magazines and books around the world. His robot sculptures do not take a critical look at social, political, or cultural issues. He simply loves the adventure of finding and collecting new objects and the problem solving involved in assembling those parts to create unique personalities. His enjoyment continues as smiles emerge on the faces of children and adults challenge each other to name the various parts that they recognize from their youth. If he does have a message or a wish, it would be for people to think outside the box and find new ways to use old things.