Boris Shpeizman


Boris Shpeizman

Boris Shpeizman was born and grew up in St. Petersburg (aka Leningrad), USSR.  At 17, he started Medical School, practicing Dentistry.  While a student, he became an activist in a human rights and democracy movement, putting himself under risk of arrest.  As a result, he immigrated to Israel.  After working as a dentist for a few years, Boris attended Bezalel Academy of Art in the Ceramic and Glass Design department, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Art in 2004.  He worked as a teaching assistant and gaffer at Bezalel and was awarded scholarships to attend Pilchuck Glass School in 2003 and 2005.  Boris has exhibited in the United Kingdom, Israel, and throughout the United States, including his most recent show, “Wearing Glass” at The Oxo Gallery in London, UK.  His work was published in the New Glass Review No. 25 and he is currently working to open the first cooperative glass studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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