Bay Berry Bliss, LLC

Bay Berry Bliss, LLC

Bay Berry Bliss LLC
Newton, NJ

We are a small, family-owned business making handmade soaps and body products. When pregnant with our son, we started to become more aware of the amount of chemicals we were exposing ourselves to with the products we used on a daily basis. We tried making soap for ourselves and quickly were astonished how much better it was than anything else we had tried. What started as a hobby quickly grew into the current business we have today; we have made over 5,000 pounds of soap since those early days. Now we are happy to share our creations with consumers who accept nothing but the best for themselves and their family.

We offer over 70 varieties of soaps at a reasonable cost and make no exception for the quality of the materials or the way we make our soaps. We cure each of our soaps for at least 6 weeks and also take the time to cut the sharp edges off every bar of soap to make them feel better in your hands the first time they are used. We have recently switched over to using 100% USDA certified organic plant-based oils in all of our cold processed soaps, and proudly list the ingredients on the back of every box. We make everything from scratch in small quantities; we are not simply purchasing a premade base and melting or pouring it into containers.

Our soaps last a long time, have a strong scent, a thick lather, and do not dry out your skin like others can. The scent of our soaps will last until the end of the bar, which is a main source of disappointment from some other soap vendors; the scent is one of the most expensive ingredients.