Barbara Peirce-Krusen

Barbara Peirce-Krusen

BPK Photography
Richboro, PA

My love of photography has been long-standing, but turned into a serious hobby and then business 13 years ago. When my daughter began competing in horse shows, I learned that the best way to calm my nerves was to focus on trying to get the perfect shot of her as she flew over the jumps. This “coping” mechanism developed into a business photographing horse shows. I soon became interested in macro photography and turned that interest towards flowers and shells. I combined my childhood love of flowers and shells with photography to develop the style you see today.

I love to capture the small nuances of nature that often go overlooked. Drops of water on a petal, pollen on a leaf or delicate swirl of a shell. I am primarily self-taught and have developed my skills with tons of practice, local community college classes, and Nikon seminars. I spend a lot of time in very awkward positions trying to capture just the right angle! I do minimal post-processing, trying to capture my images “in camera” as much as possible.

I present my images mounted on wood blocks and panels for a unique look. I print my images on traditional photographic paper and use a gel medium to mount them to the wood. Each piece is then coated with the medium, which gives it a “texture” and then sprayed with an acrylic sealant for protection. The wood mounted images can be displayed on a bookshelf, table, or hung on a wall. I also create traditional matted images in standard sizes for easy framing.