Abe Warren

Abe Warren

Handcrafted by Abraham Warren
Quinton, NJ


My work as an artist is a love story. I have been smitten with wood for as long as I can remember. The raw material that I am attracted to is flawed. I choose to work with trees that have cracks and scars. My goal is to create beauty by working with and ultimately highlighting insect damage, lightning scars, and other defects. Once unappreciated specimens become a marriage of asymmetry and harmony; the end result presents itself as a whole.

I find that by striving for imperfection, my work becomes a metaphor that speaks to our own imprecations and opens people’s eyes to the possibility of their own rejuvenation and reinvention. My final goal as an artist is that of matchmaker, introducing my furniture to its owners and their homes. My Hope is that my pieces are multi-generational, picking up experiences and scars along the way, adding another chapter to their story.