The Gallery of Fine Craft 2016 Exhibitions

Mixed Media Piece by Robert Wiener

​Raising Cane
April 1 to May 15, 2016

This exhibit will explore the use of the Glass Cane Working Technique used in Contemporary Art Glass. Traditional cane techniques have been used in glass paperweights, marbles and a variety of vessels for over two thousand years. Some of these cane techniques are known as reticello, murrine, latticino, and millefiore. This show will celebrate contemporary artists creating unique and innovative designs working in a variety of glass making techniques.

Artists featured include

Rick and Valerie Beck

Dave and Patti Hegland

Michael Hunter

Michael Maddy and Rina Fehrensen

Ralph Mossman and Mary Mullaney

Milissa Montini

David Patchen

Ken Schneidereit

Josh Simpson

Jeremy Sinkus

Robert Wiener

Mixed Media piece by Amy Lemaire

Over the Bridge

May 28 to June 26, 2016

This mixed media exhibit will showcase the work of contemporary artists living and working in the Philadelphia region. This show is inspired by the Museum of American Glass special exhibit From the Ground Up. Artist featured include Meagan Corrado, Zbigniew Chojnacki, Rebecca Jacoby, Amy Lemaire, Jim Loewer, Kathleen Vaccaro and Katie VanVliet.

Meet the Artists Reception Sunday, June 5, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The reception is open to the public free of charge.

Featured Artists:

Philippa Beardsley

Christine Belton

Justin Joseph Bursk

Danielle Bursk

Zbigniew Chojnacki

Meagan Corrado

Denise Fike

Marguerita C. Hagan

Rebecca Jacoby

Amy Lemaire

Jim Loewer

Abby Elizabeth Schmidt

Katie VanVliet

Kathleen Vaccaro

Marie Weaver

Canvas artwork titled "Monkey game" by Vidho Lorville

SANKOFA: Reflections on Cultural Heritage and Shared Humanity

July 8 through August 14, 2016

“Sankofa” is a word in the Akan language of Ghana that translates as “reach back and get it”.

The exhibition will explore the legacy of past in visions of present and future through the lens of diverse yet central and unifying elements of cultural values and aesthetics that continue to inform and influence life and art. Featured artists will employ a range of contemporary and experimental practices through a variety of disciplines – paintings, sculpture and mix-media works -to add their voices to the Caribbean story and to provide deep experiences with unique visualization of universal human values, fears and hopes.

Participating artists include:

Frito Bastien

Terry Boddie

Ronald Cadet

Pepe Coronado

Rene de los Santos

Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez

Dominique Duroseau

Shakespeare Guirand

Wanda L. Hartzog-Cortes

Tenjin Ikeda

Francisco Jimenez

Leslie Jimenez

Nadïne LaFond

Rejin Leys

Vidho Lorville

Klode (Michele Garoute Michel)

Narciso Montero

Jasmine Murrell

Copie Rodriguez

Yeliane Rodriguez

Fausto Sevila

Lennox Warner

Confetti Goblerts and Four Color Pitcher by Art of Fire

CHEERS: Art of the Drinking Glass

August 27 to October 2, 2016
From function to fantasy, this exhibit and sale will explore handcrafted glass drinking vessels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Goblets, tumblers and pitchers will be featured in a variety of glass techniques. Whether looking for a tumbler for your morning glass of juice or a set of wine glasses for a dinner party you will find a unique selection to add whimsy and charm.
Artists included:
Josh Simpson
Shelby Kaye & Chris Bogle
Michael Egan
Ingrid & Ken Hanson
Michael Trimpol, Monique LaJeunesse & Chris Turiello
Mike Richardson, Justin Tarducci & Timothy Underwood
Skitch Manion
Hyunsung Cho
Minh Martin

All Good Gifts Great and Small, Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

October 15 to December 24, 2016

Be inspired and find a creative gift for everyone on your list this season here at The Gallery of Fine Craft.  These handcrafted gift ideas are designed to help you complete your Holiday shopping without breaking your budget.  Fun and unique gift ideas will include: metal ornaments, wooden kaleidoscopes, whimsical clocks, functional ceramic and hand carved gourd boxes