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Hugo Bastidas
Hugo Bastidas is a Brooklyn based artist known for black and white paintings that imitate the effect of grisaille and [...]  0
Elizabeth Demaray
Elizabeth Demaray is a Brooklyn based artist who focuses on the interface between the built and the natural environment. Her [...]  0
John Hogan
John Hogan is an artist and designer in Seattle working predominantly in glass. His creative approach has always involved playful [...]  0
Eve Andrée Laramée
Eve Andrée Laramée has dedicated her creative work and research to exploring the subtle historical and social dimensions between artistic [...]  0
Bryan McGovern Wilson
Bryan McGovern Wilson (b. 01984) is a transdisciplinary artist who synthesizes the practices of art-making, field research, and performance work [...]  0
Dennis Briening
Dennis has over thirty years of Salem Community College teaching scientific glass technology, glass chemistry and glass art. He also enjoyed challenges of being [...]  0
Dr. Jane Cook
Jane Cook was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where she was nurtured in her twin loves [...]  0
Hiromi Takizawa
HIROMI TAKIZAWA was born and raised in Nagano, Japan and lives in southern California. Curiosity, experimentation, narrative, and materiality are [...]  0
Ian Burns
Ian Burns’ practice revolves around the development of processes that subjugate the seductions of technological media and clichés to supporting [...]  0
Jeremy Bert
Jeremy Bert is a Pacific Northwest neon artist originally from Montana. An early interest in ceramics led him to study [...]  0