Christopher Duffy

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    _MG_1938-1 (1) Duffy

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Christopher Duffy

Christopher Duffy was born in California in 1980, but raised in the Glen Ellyn Illinois, a Chicago suburb.  Growing up he found many outlets for his creative energy as well as much encouragement from his parents and others around him.  After high school, he moved to Cleveland Ohio on his eighteenth birthday to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Here he found himself amongst a group of friends who over the years would support, challenge, and expose him to vast new worlds of ideas and culture.  It was also here that Christopher first tried his hands at glass blowing.  He found it simultaneously natural and challenging, he was also immediately impressed with its versatility as an artistic medium, and decided to make it his focus.  In 2003 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Having developed a strong connection to Cleveland he remained there for three years, working alongside artists Brent Young and Mark Sudduth at Benchmark studio.
In 2006 he relocated to Brooklyn New York where he still resides and maintains his studio.  He has worked with and fabricated glass objects for artists Josiah McEllheny, Michiko Sakano, Jeff Zimmerman, Linsey Adelman and Jorge Pardo, among others, as well as working with and traveling the world with musician Girl Talk fabricating and operating onstage visual elements and props.  He was the assistant art director on the short lived cult classic Independent Film Channel series Foodparty, created by Thu Tran.  Christopher continues to make glass and mixed media artworks and has exhibited throughout the United States.