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Anna Riley

Anna Riley received her BFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work, be it conceptual, technical

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Helena Parriott

Helena Parriott is a painter and sculptor working with diverse mediums including glass, paint, and machinery. Through various projects, she

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  • Call and Response

    Call and Response

    Gaffer Frit 2012 7 ½”x 2 ½x 1 ½” The first in a series based on previous paper-cut work. This piece deals with relationships of symbols and symmetry.

  • Pom-Pom Tower

    Pom-Pom Tower

    Pom-poms, glass 2015 3’x 1’x1’ Part of a collaborative installation with Pam Sabroso at the Pelham Arts Center in New York consisting of several pom-pom covered pedestals, floor lamps, and hanging sculptures.

  • Centerpiece Triptych 2

    Centerpiece Triptych 2

    Mold blown and freehand blown glass 2016 Dimensions vary Another example of a combination created for the Urban Glass Gala.

Norwood Viviano

Norwood Viviano’s work from his installation Cities: Departure & Deviation was shown at the 2014 Architecture Biennale in Venice. He

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  • “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part III)

    “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part III)

    Glass, neon, lemons and mixed media. Blown, mirrored, gold-leafed and carved glass and “carbonized” lemons. 10’ X 12’ X 6’, 2016.

  • “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part II)

    “Like Remembering a Dream the Day After” (Part II)

    Eggshells, rubber, glass, neon and mixed media. Blown and found glass with pinned eggshells. 10’ X 12’ X 6’, 2012-2015.

  • Lemon Pile Light

    Lemon Pile Light

  • “Sólo hay dos flores: la amapola y la rosa”/ Close up

    “Sólo hay dos flores: la amapola y la rosa”/ Close up

  • “The Same Way a Light Sound”

    “The Same Way a Light Sound”

    Titled after the poem “The Same Way a Light Sound” or “Como leve sonido” by Luis Cernuda—exiled and Queer poet from the Generation of ’27: Spain’s Tragic Literary Generation The sculptural body of work presented comprises nine different pieces of annealed float glass. The standing forms are fragmented cylinders that have been severed, beaten or drilled, then glued or sewn back and re-envisioned through the insertion of hair. In exploring iterations of empathy and materiality they speak of new orders and systems. Slumped glass, adhesive, graphite, hair, high-density conglomerate wood Slumping, coldworking, sewing (lacing), glueing, wood carpentry, painting Installation of variable dimensions; platform measures 5 x 8 ft./ Glass forms are 31 in. tall Year 2016

  • “Sólo hay dos flores: la amapola y la rosa”

    “Sólo hay dos flores: la amapola y la rosa”

    Titled after the poem “Flores” from the book Orfebre by Leopoldo María Panero—Spaniard contemporary poet Goat kidskin translucent parchment, silk thread, acrylic glass box Hand wet stitching, box building Dimensions of installation are 15 x 15 x 15 in. Year 2015

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You’re inspired, we’re inspired – WheatonArts inspires We’re already two weeks into 2016. As we prepare for the upcoming year,

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Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram is a busy guy. As he gears up for GlassWeekend ’15, he’s juggling 16 other projects. Among them:

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