Argentinian Tango with Gerardo Razumney & Edilia González​​​​​​

Wheaton Conversations:
​​​​​Argentinian Tango with Gerardo Razumney & Edilia González​​​​​​

Watch the above recording from March 16, 2023

Argentinian Tango is more than a dance; it’s a culture!
Discover the deeper emotional aspects of Tango, from its lyrical themes to the social and show styles of dancing and the intimacy it involves. Join Gerardo & Edilia as they establish links between tango styles and dispel some myths surrounding its culture.​​

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This image is a close-up of Gerardo Razumney, wearing a blue zippered up windbreaker and smiling at the camera.

Gerardo Razumney was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to the US in the early 1960s. He is widely interested in music, from classical to folk and traditional music from many parts of the world, particularly Tango, the music he grew up with. He has been dancing for many years, and as a DJ, he provides the music to many ‘milongas,’ the dance events for Tango. He is particularly interested in the poetry of Tango, as it is extremely rich and sophisticated. He has also been engaged in teaching Tango, although that is not his primary association with it. He dances regularly, an activity resulting in the most intimate relation with the music.

This image is a close-up of Edilia Gonzalez, who has curly black hair and has striped glasses, and is smiling.

Edilia González – I am passionate, among other things, about all kinds of music and musical expressions. I was introduced to Tango in my small town, Allentown, by a wonderful dancer who, after living in Argentina for some years, came back and decided to teach tango dancing. I have been dancing regularly ever since, and I have fallen in love with Tango’s immense beauty. One of my greatest joys, still fresh in my memory, is related to dancing Tango. It’s very difficult not to identify yourself with the music, the meaning, and the significance of the Tango.

Tango is a delicious pain and joy shared with your dancing partner and physically expressed with your body! Tango is essentially a form of body language. To become proficient, one must take classes and attend workshops to learn the proper technique; eventually, one can forget the technique and express oneself freely. I have been very fortunate to have taken classes with a number of teachers in Philadelphia and beyond. I have also attended several tango Festivals. The learning has been an amazing experience.

On occasion, I have taught classes to small groups of interested dancers. This experience enriched my knowledge and understanding of this complex language. Tango has been a passion for me for quite some time. Learning never stops, and it’s an immense source of joy.