• Works & Days (Installation View)

    Works & Days (Installation View)

    Mixed Media Works & Days was an exhibition that referenced the farmer’s almanac, historically a collection of long range weather forecasts, aphorisms and entertainment, to address issues radiating from climate change and the significance of the naming process in regards to a new epoch. Dimensions Variable 2016

  • Weather Pattern

    Weather Pattern

    Pate de verre This piece was made to replicate a climate map, abstractions of real data made to be easily consumable by an audience. 48” x 32” x ½” 2016

  • Who Owns the Moon? (Detail)

    Who Owns the Moon? (Detail)

    Blown and Mirrored Glass bottle with Ethanol, Blown and Mirrored Glass bottle with Methanol It is said that if you cook moonshine too long, it generates methanol which can make you blind as opposed to drunk. This piece is a reminder that whether claiming land on the earth or land on the moon, they are both versions of colonial projects. 10” x 10” x 4” 2016

Kristen Neville Taylor