Tadeáš Podracký

Tadeáš Podracký born in 1989 in Czech republic is young artist, designer, creative personality and glass enthusiast with a passion for [...]
  • Walker


    2014 Fused glass, Colored glass powders, carved and painted wood

  • They Saw His Gun

    They Saw His Gun

    2014 Plate Glass, Photo transfers, Aircraft cable, Ikea hardware

  • Who are you?

    Who are you?

    Created with the general public at the Reading Public Museum Reading, PA, 2004 Plate glass, windows, doors, paint, found objects, adhesive

Mark Kobasz

Eamon DeFabbia-Kane

Eamon DeFabbia-Kane is an artist and fabricator currently living in working in Brooklyn, NY. Here, he works in several different [...]