• Prayer Crate

    Prayer Crate

    Cast Liturgical Candles Here, I hand-cast blessed liturgical candles into a milk-crate, representing people's prayers being manifested into what I consider to be the most useful and democratic object of storage and transportation. Size: 1’x1’x1’ 2014

  • Covering (The Space Between)

    Covering (The Space Between)

    Glass Shards Collected from the Streets of Philadelphia, Carpet

  • Ecstacy - Morgan Gilbreath

    Ecstacy - Morgan Gilbreath

    Found and Reconstructed Trophies; 2013

  • Victory, 2014

    Victory, 2014

    Recycled Bottles Cut, Kiln-Fused, and Hot-Manipulated In this experiment, I dissected discarded beer bottles into sections and fused them together in a kiln. I then took it out of the kiln at a molten state, and let the glass naturally stretch, separate, and sag - thus resulting in a three-dimensional, twisting, wing-like sculpture. Size: Approx. 1’x1’x2’ 2014

Morgan Gilbreath