• Jes Fan

    Jes Fan

  • Testo-Candle, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Testo-Candle, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Medium: Depo-Testosterone, wax, candle wick, silicone Description: Sex hormones, something that is seen as the material substrate of masculinity, is again playfully turned into a product. In this series, I wanted to allegorize gender as a craft, a combination of repetitive labour, process and technique.
  • Soft Goods I, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Soft Goods I, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Dimensions: 22x28 Medium: Digital Inkjet Print Description: I casted a slipper in prosthetic silicone, in a default flesh-tone pigment, the shade of pink that is synonymous with all skin. Slipping on, slipping out, fitting in, fitting not, once removed from limbs, collapses back to its original shape.

Jes Fan

Amy Lemaire

Amy Lemaire is an artist and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. She received a BFA in painting from the School [...]
  • An Accident

    An Accident

    Glass. Via a traffic accident occurred on a road crossing, the art portrays four damaged vehicles broke down at the picturesque, snowy scenery, suggesting the incompatible conflict between reality and imagination, rule-breaking and order. 59" 74" 74" inches. 2010

  • Dromotopia (collaboration with Tivon Rice)

    Dromotopia (collaboration with Tivon Rice)

    Cast glass, video projection and sound. 250 driving scenes from movies are projected upon the windshields of 5 glass cars. Organized by duration, these clips are constantly mixed and reassembled to emulate the diverse tempos in scenes from Tati’s Traffic, Godard’s Breathless, and Tarkovsky’s Solaris. 48" 8" 12" inches. 2013

  • A yellow line

    A yellow line

    Scrap auto parts. Description: Both flat road and clear dividing line failed to prevent tragic accidents. Whether the passers could introspect the chain reaction of order disregard when they saw this artificial arrangement at the accident site. 24" 237" 24 inches. 2011

Hesheng Chen

  • Optic Stamp

    Optic Stamp

    Bronze, An optic stamp too was created to place pattern on hot glass. Light was projected through the resulting glass to create optic patterns.

  • Batons for Juggling Molt Glass

    Batons for Juggling Molt Glass

    Bronze, Beechwood. Batons were used to juggle molten glass.. 17"x3" x 2 1/2". 2013
  • Hands to Touch Molten Glass

    Hands to Touch Molten Glass

    Bronze. Bronze hand tools allow for sculpting molten glass. 7"x 4"x2 3/4". 2013

Aaron Pexa

Alexandra Lozier

Alexandra Lozier is a metal and glass artist currently working and residing in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by the natural landscape, [...]

Carmichael Jones 

Carmichael Jones is an artist whose work is often playful and slightly irreverent, blending the everyday and the never-seen-before, the [...]
  • Gramophone


    glass (pâte de verre), wood, felt. 55” x 19” x 22”. 2004

  • “A Sense of History”

    “A Sense of History”

    nstallation view showing Gramophone, Paintings, Tastevin, and Objet Touché mixed media room installation. 17’ x 20’. as shown. 2004

  • “L'heure bleue” installation view showing Une petite pipe morte (A Little Pipe Death), Pneu vélo verre (Glass Bicycle Tire), and Air amusé (Amused Air)

    “L'heure bleue” installation view showing Une petite pipe morte (A Little Pipe Death), Pneu vélo verre (Glass Bicycle Tire), and Air amusé (Amused Air)

Michael Crowder

Scott Benefield

Scott Benefield is an artist, educator and writer who received his MFA from Ohio State University in 1990. He is [...]