Reference Letter Guidelines

Creative Glass Fellowship: Reference Letter Guidelines


To whom it may concern:

An applicant for the Creative Glass Fellowship program has requested that you write a letter of reference on their behalf. You have been chosen because the applicant believes you can best speak to their ability to carry out the project being proposed. You should have received a copy of the applicant’s Statement of Intent. If you have not received their statement please contact the applicant. If you feel you are unable to write a letter on behalf of the applicant please contact them so they can choose another reference. Please review the requirements below before writing. 


In your letter, discuss the following topics in regards to the applicant:
  • Ability to work and live in an artist community with other residents
  • Ability to work independently on a project (setting personal goals, creating a plan to achieve goals, ability to be flexible and adjust one’s process when needed)
  • Professional preparation that led to readiness for a Fellowship
  • Your professional/working relationship to the applicant
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the applicant
  • Brief character/personality reference


Your letter should meet the following requirements:
  • Maximum of 400 words
  • The deadline for all letters of reference is November 25, 2019. Reference letters are confidential and so we ask that they are emailed directly to The subject line should state your last name and Fellowship Reference (i.e. Smith: Fellowship Reference).
  • Letters must be received in the form of a PDF attachment. Please do not write the letter within the body of an email. 


For a printable PDF of the Reference Guideline letter, Click Here.