Between Worlds – In a World

"Bulto" Written on a book by Carloz Dominguez

Rowan College Gallery, September 8 through October 28, 2016


The various influences that formed the present-day Caribbean cultures have some times been in dramatic conflict making people and communities feel crucified “between worlds” and forcing them to chose one or combine several that would form their own identity. The quest for identity is often depicted in artworks as individual revelation or collective understanding of the new “us”. In recent decades artists have been looking for answers in the harmony of differences and their works depict “us” and “the others” in the context of the “one world” we all live in.


This exhibition theme focuses on images of conflict and harmony from the perspective of the Caribbean region. History, cultures and everyday life are all a part of the quest – quest for understanding and possibly appreciating who “we” are and who “they” are; quest for new meanings born in old memories; quest for individual relevancy in a sea of conflicting social values – in other words, a quest for humanity through creativity and art.