Folklife Education Center

 Folklife Education Center

WheatonArts Presents A Day Of
Celebrating Haitian Traditions

Sunday, November 10 from 10am to 5pm
“Spirits in Sequins: Vodou Flags of Haiti”
Special Presentation by Nancy Josephson
Sunday, November 10 from Noon to 1pm

Location: Folklife Center


Nancy Josephson is an artist, musician and a student of Vodou. She has done an extensive research on Vodou flags and flag making in Haiti for more than sixteen years and published the results of her study in a book titled Spirits in Sequins: Vodou Flags of Haiti. She describes the beaded flags as a joyful expression of living with the spirits, as the flag makers express their individual artistic spark. Being an artist herself Nancy creates Vodou flags that have been exhibited in museums worldwide. Most recently she showed three rooms of artwork dedicated to the Vodou spirit LaSiren at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

In her special presentation Nancy will share with all who attend her experiences with this unique art form and will focus on the techniques of flag making while interpreting the cultural beliefs at the core of the flag designs and a folk lore expressed in the outstanding works of the Haitian artists.

Hatian Veve Design with Kesler Pierre Hands-On Demonstration, Time: 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Location: Event Center

The artist will demonstrate and explain the creation of Vodou vévé designs, while introducing the participants to the rich cultural context, from which they draw their meanings. He will interpret the story of the vévé designs as symbolic representations of individual lwa (spirits), who are a part of the Vodou pantheon and will explain the meaning of the Vévé as a sacred sign drawn on the floor either at the foot of the altar or around the center pole in a Vodou temple.

Particpants will learn how the shape of the vévé reflects the character of the lwa for whom it is traced and will create their own vévé designs. They will also learn how to understand both the meaning and the artistry of the vévé in the context of other Vodou arts, which are on display at WheatonArts’ Glass Museum at the time this demonstration takes place. Additional visual works will be provided by the artist.

“Remembering Ginen: Traditional Music and Dance of Haiti”
Featuring La Troupe Makandal of New York
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Location: Event Center


For this concert La Troupe Makandal will present a suite created from the dances, the songs, and the drumming styles brought to Haiti from West Africa and the Congo region. The program will tell the stories of the various peoples who survived enslavement, struggled for and won independence, and established the modern state of Haiti.

Haitian people remember and celebrate their history through the arts, and these include music and dance. Makandal’s work also derives from Vodou, an Afro-Haitian spiritual practice that honors and serves the ancestors and the forces of nature. The Troupe’s program will also include an interactive music and dance workshop for all in the audience.

 La Troupe Makandalcreates dynamic music and dance experiences one does not soon forget and we invite you all to share them with us.

Exhibition, Presentation, Demonstration and Concert included with Admission Ticket. WheatonArts is offering this day at half price.

(Sunday, November 10)
$5 Adults, $4.50 Senior Adults (62+), $3.50 Students, Children 5 and under are free.

For groups of 10 or more please call ahead, 856-825-6800,  extension 100.

Children must have an adult chaperone.