Wheaton Conversations: Visualizing Stories ~ Peruvian Masks with Gustavo Boada

Wheaton Conversations: 
Visualizing Stories ~ Peruvian Masks with Gustavo Boada

Watch the March 24, 2022, recording above

Join us for an exciting conversation with the famous Peruvian mask maker Gustavo Boada to explore the use of masks in both ritual and theatrical contexts. Since Pre-Inca and Inca civilizations, masks and accompanying regalia are an integral part of Peruvian traditions associated with rituals, celebrations of patron saints, ceremonies, and special dances. 

Gustavo will share his 30+ years of experience creating masks for ceremonial mask dances, such as Jija, Contra Danza, or La Chonguinada, and elaborate theatrical performances. The artist will also discuss how theatrical groups have incorporated traditional Andean artistry and aesthetics into their performances to interpret contemporary political and social challenges.

This event is part of “Wheaton Conversations,” a new virtual series highlighting select artists with ties to WheatonArts! To see the full schedule of conversations, Click Here

Peruvian artist Gustavo Boada stands in front of a white wall in a raised-leg pose as he speaks to an unknown audience off frame.

Gustavo Boada is best known as a mask and puppets maker with over 30 years of experience with traditional masks and professional theatrical performances in Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico, and the USA. He creates traditional masks needed for Peruvian mask dances and ceremonial activities. He also creates masks and puppets for theatrical and storytelling performances, and he designs performative structures and theatrical sets.

Gustavo has done extensive anthropological research on masks in the traditional dances of Peru covering the Central and South Andean regions (Junin, Cuzco, and Puno), focusing on both their symbolism in ritual context well as their presentation in theaters. He worked with various theaters, such as “Yuyachkani” in Peru, “El Gran Circo Teatro” in Chile, the “Bread and Puppet Theater” in Vermont, U.S, the Puerto Rican Puppet Theater “The world of the puppets,” “Taller Puertorriqueno,” Philadelphia. Later on, he began working with “In the Heart of the Beast” Mask and Puppet Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Gustavo has led diverse community groups and students in afterschool programs and participates in May Day parades. He offers mask-making workshops, mask performances, lecture demonstrations, and directs in theaters at various locations.