Family Art Workshops

Wool Felt Cozy

Do you enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, or tea on the go? Jazz up your travel cup with a decorative cozy

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Mosaic Planter

Mosaics are an excellent way to recycle extra color into a garden. Using old china, glass tiles, mirrors, ceramic plates,

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Sugar Glass

The look of real glass with a delicious taste! Learn how to combine four simple ingredients to create a glass-like

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Leaf Prints

Explore the nature around you with creative leaf prints! Learn about the different types of leaves produced in nature while

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Nature Suncatcher

Noticing all the flowers blooming around your house or on your nature walks? Capture their beauty by creating a nature

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T-shirt Tote Bag

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We think of this when it comes to everyday trash, but what about old clothes? Transform your

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