CGCA Fellows

Romina Gonzales

Romina Gonzales is a Peruvian interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her work exists between the gaps [...]

Sarah Max Beck

Sarah Max Beck was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1984. Beck’s body of work mostly builds on symbiotic, closed-loop human [...]
  • Piscatoribus Sacrum, 2012

    Piscatoribus Sacrum, 2012

    Blown glass, steel & wood
  • Wedge, 2010

    Wedge, 2010

    Laminated & carved glass with wood
  • What's Left Behind, 2013

    What's Left Behind, 2013

    Blown glass & evaporated saltwater
  • Glass Slides, 2016

    Glass Slides, 2016

    3-D modeled, kiln-formed glass & wood

Wil Sideman

Theresa Batty

Theresa Batty received a BFA from Evergreen State College after studying at L’ecole Des Beaux Arts, Lyon France with an emphasis [...]

Marc Barreda

Marc Barreda was born in the highlands of Peru, on what was (at the time) the largest open-pit copper mine

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Gary Andolina

I earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1992 from the University of Washington and am currently living in

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