Amy Peseller

Amy Peseller is a potter, working at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center under resident potter Terry Plasket. “In high school, pottery was the only thing I really connected with, and so that’s where it all began.” She earned her BFA in ceramics from The University of the Arts. While in school, she involved herself in as much as she could handle: Raku firing to off campus sculptures, 25 page psychology essays to music lessons, molding plaster to countless hours on her pottery wheel. Her involvement earned her two scholarships, and she graduated with honors in 2008.

Following graduation, Amy moved to Florida where she worked for a small crafts gallery, and became involved with kiln firings at the St. Petersburg Clay Company. She also traveled to North Carolina, gaining hands on experience in wood kiln firing with some masters of the field. Amy is going into her third term as an intern here at WheatonArts, and has been a potter for a decade. She teaches Make Your Own Pottery Classes, helps run the studio on a daily basis, assists Terry Plasket in shows and other varieties of classes and cultures, and works making her own line of pottery.