Nineteenth Century Glass Art

Decorative glass manufacture flourished during the last half of the 19th century with the demand for colorful, visually-arresting glassware. The eastern glass companies developed many of these new colors, textures and shapes. Inexpensive gas fuel and a new, cheaper glass formula had given the midwestern companies the competitive edge in the production of pressed glass tableware. The eastern glass companies fought back with their new ornamental glass.

The New England Glass Company pioneered such glasses as the patented glasses Amberina, Pomona and Peachblow. Burmese, Coralene, Cameo, Crown Milano and Royal Flemish were introduced by the Mt. Washington Glass Company. The Boston & Sandwich Glass Company produced Threaded, Enameled and Overshot vases. Hobbs Brockunier & Company created Rubina Verde, Pressed Amberina and Spangled glass.

19th Century Art Glass Room Hobbs Snow Storm Palmer Cox Brownies Platinum Onyx Pomona Hobbs Blue Bowl Ambero Heart Vase Burmese

Royal Flemish Mount Washington Maize Lava Silvered Pitcher Rubina Verde