50th Anniversary Slideshow & Gallery

50 20/20 logo in orange.

Celebrating fifty years of unforgettable moments! The photos shown here are just a small selection from our archive that we will continue to grow each week of 2020. Wonderful memories of past Creative Glass Fellows and community, unique performances, beloved staff members, engaging events, fruitful collaborations and partnerships. We thank everyone for their support over these many years, we would not be here without your dedication. 

We want to continue the meaningful impact we have made together. No matter the challenge, we will work to serve our community of artists, youth, patrons, and the public. It is a mission that means more every day as we recognize the healing power of the arts. If we have learned anything in the past 50 years, it is that we are only as strong as the community that supports and believes in us. Please click here to make a donation.