Evan Voelbel

  • Constellation (installation detail, 2016)

    Constellation (installation detail, 2016)

    Flame-worked uranium glass cane, fluorescent monofilament, screws, UV light
  • Parallax (2017)

    Parallax (2017)

    Flame-worked neodymium glass cane, incandescent and CFL light, relay switch
  • Synapse (2015)

    Synapse (2015)

    Iridescent Glass Cane, mixed media
  • Philosophers Stone (video stills documenting color shift over time)

    Philosophers Stone (video stills documenting color shift over time)

    Hot sculpted blown glass, colored glass cane, RGB LED bulb

Evan Voelbel

Evan Voelbel in a suit with red hot glass at the end of a blowpipe

Evan Voelbel received his BFA in 3D/Glass from Massachusetts College of Art in 2010 with additional coursework in metals, sculpture, woodworking, and jewelry. Following his undergraduate education, Evan worked as a TA at Massart, as a studio assistant for local glass artists including Wayne Strattman and Chris Taylor, and also as a gaffer and teacher at a number of glass studios in the Boston area. Evan continued to produce and show his own work in galleries throughout Massachusetts, mainly being represented by The Hallway Gallery and Room 68. After receiving his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2017 he continued to work at RISD as adjunct faculty, teaching winter session and pre-college classes in glass. His current work is informed by research in a variety of subjects including physics, chemistry, perceptual psychology, optics, and alchemy. Evan’s work often combines glass, light and mixed media to construct visual phenomena, sculptural objects, and installations which straddle the line between physical and immaterial, digital and analog, fact and fiction, in an attempt to provoke a broader conversation about the subjectivity of perception.