Mollie Mckinley

Mollie McKinley is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Hudson Valley and New York City. Her large-format photographic tableaus and salt [...]

Karen Donnellan

Karen Donnellan is an Irish born, interdisciplinary artist based in Alfred, NY. Her practice is concerned with illustrating that which cannot [...]
  • Piscatoribus Sacrum, 2012

    Piscatoribus Sacrum, 2012

    Blown glass, steel & wood
  • Wedge, 2010

    Wedge, 2010

    Laminated & carved glass with wood
  • What's Left Behind, 2013

    What's Left Behind, 2013

    Blown glass & evaporated saltwater
  • Glass Slides, 2016

    Glass Slides, 2016

    3-D modeled, kiln-formed glass & wood

Wil Sideman

Evan Voelbel

Evan Voelbel received his BFA in 3D/Glass from Massachusetts College of Art in 2010 with additional coursework in metals, sculpture, [...]

Heather Sutherland

A Virginia native, Heather Sutherland recently graduate from the University of Wisconsin with an MFA in glass. Her body of [...]

Alexander Rosenberg

Alexander Rosenberg is a Philadelphia-based artist, educator, and writer. He received a BFA in glass from Rhode Island School of [...]

Gulfidan Ozmen

Gulfidan Ozmen, Turkiye (Turkey) As a daughter of artists, she spent her early years with drawing and painting. After she [...]