Mission Statement

Our Mission is to research, document, and present traditional cultures in New Jersey’s southern eight counties.

We explore and relate the activities and international perspectives of those people whose creativity has informed the cultural wealth of our region; and of those who inform it now. We support communication through the languages of the traditional arts (narrative, music, dance, craft and ritual expressions), and invite wide varieties of artists and audiences to participate in an ongoing exploration of the creative process.

Overall Goals of the Down Jersey Folklife Center include:

  • To identify and research folklore and folklife in southern New Jersey as an ongoing project.
  • To provide public programs such as exhibits, different types of performances and other artist-driven initiatives both at the Center and at other locations that result from research, planning and participation by traditional artists, folklorists and other community members.
  • To provide educational opportunities for different types of audiences in order to create a higher awareness of community and cultural diversity, to increase public knowledge and to foster appreciation and respect for the folk arts and folklife.
  • To provide a supportive and respectful environment for the folk artists to present their work and to share their experiences.
  • To maintain a folklife archive for housing researched and documented activities and events.
  • To participate in the folk arts infrastructure on state and regional levels.
  • To strengthen partnerships with regional colleges and universities where folklore and folklife programs are provided as well as with peer organizations on state, national and international level.