Max Lefko-Evertt

Going Green with Glass

Max Lefko-Evertt, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center Studio Assistant, has his own way of going green. He’s created a fun, affordable and marketable way to put a new spin on that everyday product- the drinking glass. Max takes beer bottles that have enameled labels- that is, labels where the painted on label is actually glass, and shapes them into standard sized drinking glasses. One glass sells for $10, a “6-pack” for $50. Rolling Rock, Red Stripe and Corona bottles work best.

The process consists of taking a standard beer bottle, heating it in the kiln to 1500+ degrees, opening the mouth with jacks and cooling it down slowly. The glasses are an accessible, creative way to reduce, reuse and recycle as well as a tool to open up the world of glass art to a wide array of audiences.

Max is from North Hampton, Massachusetts. He attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design before coming to WheatonArts.