Resident and Visiting Artists

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Studio Staff– The Glass Studio Staff are a dedicated group of glassworkers who are trained in many varieties of glass techniques. Each individual brings their unique experience to our hotshop floor and to the community within the studio.  Our Studio Assistants and Interns are an absolutely essential part of this community. In exchange for their services, assistants/interns are provided with room and board, as well as access to all of the resources in the Glass Studio.

Work Exchange– Another of our dedicated groups of workers in the Glass Studio, are our Work Exchangers. These individuals offer their time and energy in the Studio in exchange for using our facilities to flame work, blow, cast, or slump our glass. A few of the various tasks they perform for the Studio are:
– Narrating our Glass Studio Demonstrations
– Assisting with Special Events
– Signing and grinding finished pieces
– Assisting the Studio Staff with our Product Line
– Helping build, re-build, and fix equipment

Visiting Artists– The WheatonArts Glass Studio is constantly hosting artists in many different capacities. Whether they are the guest gaffers, CGCA Fellowship Recipients, guest instructors, or independent artists renting our facilities, there are always new people to meet, and exciting activity to watch on our hotshop floor.

Hank Adams

Don Friel

Max Lefko-Evertt

Joe Mattson

Chika Ogowa

Amy Peseller

Terry Plasket

Phil Rubin