The Process

Senior Potter, Terry Plasket –
The creative process is an individual, independent thing. Everything from the form to the surface decoration is a decision made by the artist. The piece slowly unfolds for the artist, and then the viewer must look through those layers of form and surface to see what the artist has revealed.

I am always sketching, however the forms take shape on the wheel through a stream of consciousness. The wheel itself is simply a tool – a means to an end. For me, each work is complete only after glazing and firing. The combination of form and surface bring each piece into being.

Vessels seem, to me, to be what pottery is all about. The art of making vessels goes back more then 10,000 years and spans thousands of cultures. Being part of that kind of history and continuing that tradition today is my contribution. I enjoy making pots that are used by people. The beauty of the vessel is in its function.